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Bark Back in Stock

After a very long wait we are happy to say we have bark in stock again. We are stocking them in bags of 100 litres for £8.99. We have also just received a delivery of lovely new houseplants, they will brighten up any new home office during these uncertain Covid-19 times. When the bark is continually renewed or replaced, it helps keep out moisture from the rain so it’s good to sprinkle on top of soil for plants like orchids; and bark prevents the plants from losing moisture when the air is dry during the summer months. It also insulates against the different temperatures and wards off pesky insects.

We continue to have a wide variety of winter flowering plants, winter planters and baskets. and we now have our full range of bulbs ready for you to plant them so they’ll bloom in spring. Give yourselves something to look forward to when you see new daffodils spring up in your garden.

If you’re wondering what we have in stock then please contact us if you’re looking for something specific. Or, if you have already bought your bulbs from us and are wondering how you plant them, then have a look here.

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