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Fruit Tree list October 23

Please find our list of fruit trees available this autumn. This list is correct at the start of October and unless stated will not be updated. Please check if we still have in stock before visiting.  We have a range of tree ties, stakes and soil improvers available. We recommend bonemeal fertiliser to encourage strong root growth when planting and in the first spring after planting. Prices start from £55

Apple trees

Braburn M26
Bramley 20 MM106
Bramley Seedling M27 Patio
Charles Ross MM106
Cox Orange Pippen M27 Patio
Cox Self Fertile MM106
Discovery MM106, M27 and M27 Patio
Egremont Russet MM106
Fiesta MM106 and M26
James Greive MM106 and Wall Trained
Katy M26, M27 Patio and Wall Trained
Red Devil MM106 And M27 Patio
Red Falstaff MM106 and M27 Patio
Red Windsor MM106 and M27 Patio
Scrumptious MM106, M27 Patio and Wall Trained
Sunset MM106

Other Fruit trees

Cherry Morello Colt and fan Trained
Cherry Stella Colt and Fan Trained
Fig Brown Turkey
Gage St Julien A
Pear Conference Quince A
Plum Victoria St Julien

For more information on varieties take a look at our suppliers online catalogue below.  

click here for Frank P Mathews online catalogue


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