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Time to Plant Trees

Autumn is natures time for planting trees and we have just received a lovely delivery of ornamental garden trees ready to plant in your garden.

For more information on how to plant a tree have a look at

It’s time to give back to the Earth by planting trees; we have plenty of them in stock from the usual tree that seasonally blooms, to fruit trees that you can plant, nurture then sustainably eat from; as well as making a project out of it with your children and grandchildren whilst you’re having to be a parent and teacher during these uncertain times.

Planting trees and watching them grow has a certain feeling about it, you grow (literally) attached to the tree and when you first start to see it grow and bloom, you get a certain sense of pride from it; knowing that it was you who helped that happen. A great project for your garden is to buy different fruit trees, watch them bloom in the summer and then start making home-made desserts and pies with the fruit you’ve grown. That’s taking home grown and home made to the next level. You’ll even be able to taste the difference in the fruit itself.

If you’re looking for a certain type of fruit tree then contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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