This seasons Tomatoes are in stock.

Deliveries are on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

We will do our best to keep all varieties in stock but they do sell out and sometimes are not available form the grower.


Early ripening tomato produces a heavy, sweet and medium sized fruit.

Alisa Craig        

The large, fleshy fruits of are well flavoured and produced in generous measure from late summer and autumn.


Producing large, meaty fruits.

Black Cherry    

A perfectly round black cherry tomato with a sweet yet rich and complex flavour.

Gardeners Delight

Large crop of small ‘cherry’ tomatoes.

Mini Plum         

Tomato with very few seeds and yielding large number of fruits.


Noted for reliable cropping and early ripening.

Red Plum    

Small, red, plum-shaped fruits are sweetly flavoured

Shirley F1    

Notable for heavy cropping of its quality fruit.

Sun Baby        

Large crop of yellow, cherry sized fruits in summer and early autumn on an upright growth.

Sun Gold     

Bite-sized, rich orange fruits borne in cascading trusses. Heavy cropping and early ripening.

Totem Dwarf 

Excellent for growing in patio containers or growbags. Bears a good crop of small to medium fruits.

Tumbling Tom Red

Bears sweet and delicious fruits throughout the summer.

Tumbling Tom Yellow  

Bears sweet and delicious fruits through out the summer.

Golden Zlatava

Produces unusual coloured medium tomatoes with an orange skin and bright red flesh when fully ripe.


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